Friday, October 4, 2019

Saturday's Oct.5th SLI Trustee Meeting is the Final Full Board Meeting of 2019

UPDATE 10/5/19 --- 38 degrees this morning at 9 am but high today has been updated and they say will rise to 59 degrees

The SLI Trustees meet monthly between April and and conduct the vast majority of their work in those months including an annual meeting at which there is an Election of Trustees by the residents each July; an election of Trustee and organization officers by the Trustees in August; budget requests in September; and a budget approval for October. All of that with regular monthly agendas dealing with programming and residential concerns. That's a lot of work for a group of total volunteers working hard for the benefit of their summer community and for the year-round residents.

The SLI charter resembles the relationship between U.S. voters and the U.S. congress. The voters elect the representatives to congress, but it is the representatives, now in congress, that do the voting on all of the national issues. At SLI, residents elect the individual Trustees (representatives) who then go on to do the voting on the business of the community. The community is welcome to email, telephone, or speak personally with their representatives but are restricted to the "visitors' time" before the start of each Trustee meeting. Residents are always welcome to come to each meeting and observe the work of the Trustees and the decisions made.

The Trustee Board authorizes the Executive Committee to continue the  Board's work during the second half of the year (November through March) so as to keep the flow of time sensitive business moving.

Tomorrow's meeting is scheduled for 10:00 am at Hoag Memorial Gallery, First Floor. It is currently 41 degrees at the Institute (38 degrees at the south end of the Lake) and should remain that way overnight. Tomorrow's temperature will rise no higher than 50 degrees. If you are observing the Board meeting or giving a report, we encourage you to dress warmly. As of the 9:00 hour this evening, the location of the meeting has not been changed. The proposed 2020 Budget will be available at the meeting in the morning.

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