Thursday, July 29, 2021

SHAKE ON THE LAKE is performing OTHELLO at the Perry Public Beach July 30-Aug 1. Shows are Thu/Fri/Sat at 6.30pm, with a 2pm matinee on Sat 8/1. Free. And our lead, Othello, will be played by Fergie Philippe, who is currently on Broadway in Hamilton.

'Celebration of Lives Lived':
Annual Lake-wide Memorial Service this Sunday, 10:30 at the SLI Dock; Covers 2-year period because of Covid

The following persons will be memorialized this Sunday, August 1, 2021, at the Silver Lake Institute's Big Blue Dock on Lakeview Ave. at the foot of Wesley Ave. Loved Ones are listed with the date of their passing::
George Dovolos - October 15, 2018
Edward Niedzialek - July 4, 2019
Betsy Inlow - July 10, 2019
Rev Joanne Vineyard - August 8, 2019
Betty Croop - August 30, 2019
Steven M. Rice - October 19, 2019
Matthew Rice - July 11, 2020
Dennis G. Bzduch - January 4, 2020
Mark Croce - January 20, 2020
James N. Morey - April 5, 2020
William R. Kuder - May 21, 2020
David Van Loan - May 30. 2020
Muriel Small - August 12, 2020
Clarence Clark - September 25, 2020
Rev. William B. Caldwell - October 3, 2020
William Barton - October 14, 2020
Delores V. Quigley - October 18, 2020
Charles Nonnenberg - November 27, 2020
Nancy Wilson - December 21, 2020
Bessie Larsen - January 29, 2021
Raymond Maddison - April 28, 2021
Carol Lee Cunius - May 24, 2021

Bio and Gift Presenter - Suzanne Bristow, SLI Spiritual Life Team
Service Officiants - The Reverends Larry Beman and Jackie Kraft
SLI Spiritual Life Team
In case of inclement weather, the Service will be held in Epworth Hall.


News Brief


United Way to invest more in GLOW region

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News Briefs


COVID vaccine mandated for state employees and public-facing health workers at state-run hospitals

ALBANY — Health care workers in state-run hospitals who directly treat patients or face the public will be required to get a COVID-19 vacci… Read more


They bake the pies: Stand serves up treats at Orleans County Fair

ALBION — The pie stand at the Orleans County Fair opens at 4 p.m. every day. Read more


PHOTOS: A busy Tuesday at the Orleans County 4-H Fair



Bills WR Cole Beasley: I’m not anti-vaccine, I’m pro-choice

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Wednesday, July 28, 2021

The Welcome Mat is Out:
Piece Makers Meet Wednesday Mornings, Donate their Projects
to Families with Local Needs
Piece Maker Photos by Julia Hoffner

Welcome Back North Cam:
North Cam, located at Silver Lake Institute, Returned to Service Today
Courtesy of the Silver Lake Institute

News Briefs
  • The local man who was struck by his own bullet and taken by Mercy Flight to Strong Hospital early Monday evening is expected to make a full recovery. The Perry man was target shooting at the Silver Lake Sportsmen's Club toward the designated metal targets when one of his shots ricocheted off the target and struck the shooter in the lower torso. First responders stabilized him and the Village of Perry Park was set up as a landing zone for Mercy Flight. No charges were filed.
  • Reminder to call ahead for Asbury's Chicken Parmigian today: (585) 237-5262.
  • Dessert on the Dock this evening with old and new friends. Gathering starts at 7 pm. Bring a dessert to share but not a requirement to join the fun. Some stay for the sunset.

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

News Briefs

  • JAVA — A Webster man escaped serious injury when he slammed into a tractor-trailer Saturday on Route 78, Wyoming County sheriff’s deputies said.
  • A man wanted for a shooting of another man earlier this month in Wyoming County is now behind bars. The subject of the shooting was a woman. Police say, Daniel Fowler, 27, was working on a car inside a barn in Mehoopany, PA. with the victim on July 6. (Read More: WNEP Web Staff)

Earlier Heavy Afternoon Rain Appears Over:
Gusty Thunderstorms appear to have passed us by despite dark cloud cover

National Weather Service Radar showed late afternoon into early evening areas of rain moving from north to south and have dissipated.

Tuesday July 27 2021:
Wyoming County Animal Shelter’s new puppy playground helps prep dogs for adoption

ROCK GLEN — Ramps, stairs and tunnels. Read more

Historian Bob Murphy Served in Security:
Old SLI Security Badge to be Retired to Epworth's History Room this Season

"In 1895, the State Legislature gave the Assembly power to make rules and enforce order by the appointment of police officers with full police authority on the grounds and ten rods outside." SLI Police were usually volunteers and served under the Superintendent of the Grounds. 

Because there was no formal police training and no official compensation, the words "police" and "officers" were not used as much as "Security" and "Security Officer. Because there was no Court system or jail, for that matter, neighboring Police Departments were brought in for the more serious violations and disagreements.

As a religious, gated community requiring an enry fee from 1873 or shortly thereafter through the time of the elimination of the ticket booths, the opening of the gates, Perry Ave. becoming a Town of Castile municiple road and the extension of the only two-lane road through the Park and over to Chapman Road--the extension also taking on the name of Perry Ave. 

The Institute was now open to the public 24 hours a day. This made the "security forces" of the Institute all the more essential to control wandering youths acting more like gangs. The docking areas became more vulnerable to vandalism and damage.

Neighbor to neighbor problems were exacerbated on occasion by a volunteer third neighbor being called in who happened to be on Security duty that evening. Serious authority seemed to be lacking in some of these relationships between community members and their equals serving as authority figures. Some Institute security guards had better luck, or personal skills, at keeping order than others. 

This summer season, a Silver Lake Institute Security Badge will be donated to the History Room at Epworth Hall. It had been gifted by Bob Murphy years ago to Frederick Schuknecht. Anyone wishing o make historical gifts should contact Historian Sharon Pratt, curator of the History Room. (Email SLDNewsletter for coverage.)

Monday, July 26, 2021

Call Ahead 585-237-5262
Chicken or Veggie Parmitian at Asbury Wednesday Take-Out, Eat In, 4-6 pm
Wednesday 7/28: Chicken Or Veggie Parmigian, Spaghetti, Mixed Veggies, Fresh Baked Bread, Hot Fudge Bundt Cake $12

SLI Restricts its Coverage to Online Media:
SLI Website Posts Road Paving Plan, 4-digit numbers for First Responders, and Nomination Form for Silent Hero

The SLDNewsletter would have loved to cleanup the map that highlights the SLI Road Paving plan and credited SLI. However, on this original material subject, we are being held to a strict interpretation of the copyright law, not permitting duplication of the map or the highlighting, but rather to take you to their site to view it by way of this link:

The SLDNewsletter would have loved to give you the content of the four-line Nomination Form for Silent Hero and provide a button for you to send it automatically to the person who is supposed to receive it. However, on this original material subject, we are being held to a strict interpretation of the copyright law, not permitting duplication of those four lines, but rather to take you to their sight to view it by way of this link:

The SLDNewsletter is permitted to print a story on the four-digit cottage numbers which are used by first responders to identify where your cottage is located in case of fire or other emergency. Giving your two-digit historical number will cause the dispatcher to have to look up your current information before sending first responders which is a tragic and unnecessary delay. Be sure your four-digit cottage number is posted large enough in a location that can be seen from the road. preferably in reflective numerals. Your four-digit number is listed on all your tax bills (or should be).

Sunday, July 25, 2021

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July 25 2021:
Scenes from Sunday Morning's 'Christmas in July' at the Dock

More Photos by clicking "Read More"

Saturday, July 24, 2021

An Editorial

Gifts for Children, Teens, Go To Angel Action:
Community Worship Presents 'Christmas in July' tomorrow
the 25th, 10:30 am at the Dock

Ever wonder what it would be like to celebrate Christmas at Silver Lake? Ever wonder what it would be like to donate a gift or two to a local needy child or teen? Here's your opportunity to experience both. If gift shopping or gift making is not your thing, remember that Gift Certificates are acceptable gifts.

Saturday in the Park
From Poetry to Sea Serpent Parade, Burt Park Offered Family Fun Times
Above photos by Julia  Hoffner

Saturday Morning Successes
  • SLI Residents -- Breakfast Cafe from 8:30 am to 10 am at Stoody. Attenders say: Very good attendance and fantastic food.
  • General Public -- Painting with Words – Kathryn Hartman poet – .Burt Park Gazebo – 10:30 am-Noon
21 people came today to our Saturday Special with Poet and Author Kathryn Hartman, held at the Burt Park Gazebo, Perry Ave. at Genesee..

Friday, July 23, 2021

Final Count: 187 adults (not counting Band) 24 children:
'More! More! More!' called out the crowd of at least 211 at the Big Band Concert Friday night

Guy Macaluso, Band Leader and Trumpeter par excel lance wasn't prepared for an on chore, he said, but they managed to please the audience one last time as the sun set behind a low bank of partial clouds in the west. Just a few minutes into the concert, the official attendance was already at 104 adults and 7 children. This continued to grow as people made their way from the land (Burt Park Parking) and "the sea" as boat passengers stopped to take it in.
Half-time announcements included the next Friday Night Concert on the Dock August 13th. Julie Hoffner, program team chair, anounced the sad news of the passing this morning of one of Silver Lake Institute's most beloved members, Pete Mairs. She said this evening's Concert was being dedicated in his honor and in  memory.

Pete never missed an opportunity for a super friendly 'Hello" and handshake. He was people-oriented and would have loved watching people having fun at the Dock and Greenway. Pete also served as Treasurer, Vice President, President, and Chair of the Finance and Legal Committees as they worked their way through the legal details of becoming an independent 501c3 Non-Profit Corporation on February 2, 2016 with a charter for community service.

Three Photos by Julia Hoffner
One of three spontaneous groups which broke out in fun street dancing on Lakeview Avenue. This was the group at the foot of Wesley Avenue.

In Memoriam
W. Pete Mairs
...Friday Morning.....July 23, 2021

The Chautauqua Weekly has been updated as of 2:35 pm Friday, July 23, 2021 (right hand column).

Courtesy of

Second Encounter with State Prison:
Town of Alabama man who crashed into car while high, injuring six, gets prison time

A town of Alabama man who was high on drugs when he crashed into another car, injuring six people, was sentenced to his second state prison… Read more