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Sunday, January 17, 2021

Wyoming County
Winter Storm Warning

Source: U.S. Nat'l Weather Service: Lake Effect Snow Warning
Start: 7:00 PM EST, Sunday, January 17
End: 7:00 AM EST, Tuesday, January 19


* WHAT ... Heavy lake effect snow expected. Total snow accumulations of 8 to 16 inches in the most persistent lake snows. The greatest snow accumulations in Chautauqua and Cattaraugus counties will occur north of a line from Mayville to Cattaraugus to Machias.
* WHERE... Wyoming, Chautauqua, Cattaraugus, and Southern Erie counties.
* WHEN... From 7 PM this evening to 7 AM EST Tuesday.
* IMPACTS... Travel could be very difficult to impossible. The hazardous conditions could impact the Monday morning or evening commute and the morning commute on Tuesday.
Heavy snow will fall in relatively narrow bands. If traveling, be prepared for rapidly changing road conditions and visibilities. Submit snow reports through our website or social media. &&

Saturday, January 16, 2021

Southwestern Wyoming County
Special Weather Statement

U.S. National Weather Service

Start: 7:48 PM EST, Saturday, January 16
End: 9:45 PM EST, Saturday, January 16


Snow showers will move across the Western Southern Tier and the Boston and Wyoming Hills this evening. These will produce brief bursts of heavy snow, which will lower visibility below a half mile at times and cause slick travel conditions. Snow showers will be brief, with any snow accumulation less than an inch. However, rapidly lowering visibility and slippery spots will impact those traveling through the area. Motorists should exercise caution.

This includes the following highways... Interstate 90 between exits 61 and 58. Interstate 86 between exits 4 and 16.

Ricky Mancuso, 33, formerly of Silver Grove, died Dec. 27, 2020

Richard Charles Mancuso, Jr., formerly of Silver Lake, NY, was born in Batavia, NY, as a welcomed birthday gift to his grandma, Mercedes Mancuso, on March 10, 1987. He was lovingly referred to as Ricky (or Little Ricky) by everyone who knew him, which fell more in line with his child-like wonder than it did with his tall imposing stature.

Ricky had a charming personality and made friends easily, especially with those souls who were the toughest to love. He possessed a particular magic that was most certainly designed to help those seeking to realize their full potential as human beings. He put that gift to its ultimate use in Southern California helping other individuals become sober. It could easily be defined as Ricky's life's work.

Friday, January 15, 2021

Ponder this one ...

Weekend Specials


Sun, 43°Temp Reduces Ice in North
Courtesy Silver Lake Institute

More Sun than Expected today
Courtesy of Silver Lake Marine and SLA

Thursday, January 14, 2021

News Briefs
  • The Buffalo Bills (the No. 2 seed and AFC East champ) will host the 5th-seeded Baltimore Ravens at 8:15 pm ET this Saturday from Bills Stadium. 
  • Asbury's Take Out Meal - 4-6 pm Wednesday, 1/20; $12, Meat Loaf, Mashed Potatoes, Gravy, Green Beans, Fresh Baked Roll, Apple Crisp; call 237-5262.

I believe it is important to say that there are no changes being planned in our editorial policies. They begin and end with our Silver Lake communities as the priority. Outside events can and do affect our lives here at Silver Lake and we continually strive to keep these in appropriate balance. 

For example, readers tell us that new stores and restaurants in Perry, Castile, and other surrounding communities are of interest to residents of Silver Lake. Being in the Perry School District adds to this dynamic. The shows and concerts put on by Wyoming County Arts Council are also appreciated as part of our coverage as are the year-round events of the Shake on the Lake troupe. 

When the Covid-19 vaccine becomes available to Wyoming County residents, 65 years of age and older, we will get that word out with its related procedure as quickly as possible.

Sometimes, in an effort to be timely, we get the cart before the horse and then have need to re-write, or even retract. We try to keep these to a minimum and utilize our trusted advisors as much as is practicable. We very much appreciate their input and the input of all our readers.

In these troubled times of pandemic, unemployment, political unrest, and extremism, we continue to do our best to maintain the principles of relevance, race neutrality, truth and accuracy based on verifiable facts. We do not subscribe to what has come to be known as "alternative facts" or political suppositions. Hopefully, when opinion is expressed, it will be faithfully labeled as "editorial" and we always welcome comments.

If an article is retracted or completely eliminated, the related comments will be eliminated also unless they specifically apply to the elimination itself. We have a large number of national companies who utilize blog comment sections to advertise their protects. These are eventually eliminated without further explanation.

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Details in a Message from Josh Rice by clicking on "Read More:"

This Month's Significant Dates ...

$50K Reward for Pipe Bomb Info:
FBI, US Atty. Hold Combined News Conference: 100,000 pieces of Evidence, 170 Cases Opened so Far

See the relatively short News Conference for yourself and take encouragement that both the FBI and the Department of Justice are working hard and comprehensively on the Storming of the Capitol. We can now take some encouragement. Complete News Conference on Video by clicking HERE then move the video time line to 14:43 for it to start.

Silver Lake Experience 2021 has been moved to the Summer of 2022

The Program Committee of the Silver Lake Experience (SLE) has announced that it is postponing this year's SLE 2021 until the following Summer--August 4-7, 2022. The Committee determined that the current Covid-19 safety restrictions would considerably hamper the fully relaxed atmosphere and the generous exchange of interpersonal communication and fellowship. 

SLE engages in eating together in Koinonia Inn and Epworth Cafe, sitting and working together in workshops and presentations, and small group gatherings for porch chats, specialized tours both on and off campus (ex. birds, gardening, cottage, Letchworth, dairy farm),* and early morning spiritual times with the daily chaplain. 

The change in date also provides greater opportunity for participants in SLE 2022 to get inoculated against Covid-19 so as to put any remaining stress and strain behind potential participants before the Summer of 2022. 
* This article prepared by a/n SLDNewsletter staff writer and not intended as any guarantee of specific events or services, dates or times. Number of registrations often determines what is ultimately offered to participants.

Wyoming County Weather Forecast from Today through the Weekend

Click on "Read More" to see this county-wide forecast.

Monday, January 11, 2021

Northern area of Silver Lake frozen over, aided by cold overnight temps
Courtesy Silver Lake Institute

Ice Fishermen enjoy their day
on the south end of Silver Lake

Courtesy Silver Lake Marine and SLA
In a day of full sunshine and temperature already 3 degrees above the forecasted high of 34 for the day (36.8), it actually feels considerably colder than it looks.

Medal of Freedom?
Black police officer E. Goodman who diverted white mob away from Senate chamber hailed a hero

By Josie Ensor, US Correspondent
A US Capitol Police officer has been hailed as a hero after video emerged of him diverting a crowd of angry rioters away from the Senate chamber. Officer Eugene Goodman is seen in video footage running down a set of stairs to the first floor of the US Capitol building, followed by a gang of rioters who managed to break through a line of police.

Officer Goodman, who is black, is seen looking to his left at the entrance to the Senate floor, and makes the split-second decision to lead the mob of mostly white rioters away to another part of the Capitol building. He is heard shouting “second floor” into his radio, alerting his colleagues that the mob was getting closer to the Senate.

Sunday, January 10, 2021

South End 2021:
Ice Fishing Arrives on Silver Lake
Quite a contrast this weekend with ice fishing on the south end of Silver Lake and thin ice protruding from the eastern shore of the north end and mid areas of the Lake.

WNY Has Upbeat Saturday

Playing in front of a home crowd for the first time this season, the Bills beat the Indianapolis Colts 27-24 Saturday in a wild-card game that also was their first playoff win in Orchard Park since Dec. 30, 1995, when they beat Dan Marino and the Miami Dolphins 37-22.

Saturday, January 9, 2021

Lest We Forget...
Democracy isn't easy nor free.

The thin layer of ice has retreated back to the eastern shoreline much to the chagrin of our friendly ice fishermen. Luckily for them, it is still early and an artic blast is anticipated for next week. 

After this past Wednesday and the unauthorized entry into the U.S. Capitol building, it was good to gaze out upon the peace and quiet of Silver Lake and give thanks to God for our blessings including our nation and our home towns.

Editor's Note -- This caption was re-written at 9:15 am on 1/14/21 in order to conform more accurately to our editorial policy.

Silver Lake Welcomed Periods of Sun today after a Week of Clouds

Waking up to a temperature of 18 degrees, it made its way up to the freezing mark by early afternoon but continued to feel cold. The sun gave the visual impression of warmth but barely seemed to actually affect air temperature. The sun is not shining this afternoon but the cloud cover is not nearly as dark as it had been the last number of days. There is also some occasional filtered sunlight, and, yes, the sun's full rays are back.

In Tribute and In Memory
Brian D. Sicknick
United States Capitol Police Officer Brian D. Sicknick, Gave his Life 
protecting the Capitol and our Elected Representatives, January 6, 2021

Trump considers starting own social media company after Twitter ban

United States President Donald Trump tweeted from @POTUS that he is considering starting his own social media company after his personal account was permanently banned by Twitter and limited bans from YouTube.

Apparently the President has great difficulty in abiding by the rules of use for Twitter. His tweets incite violence, threaten, and seriously conflict with his words recorded on publicly displayed video news tape.