Friday, October 4, 2019

New Website for Silver Lake Institute is an Attractive, Welcoming
Format, Easy to Follow

Kudos to long-time resident Jim Riley who was just recently elected a Trustee of the Institute, and immediately volunteered to provide help in creating and maintaining a new website for SLI. That new website came online late last night, a little after 11 pm. Jim is developing a list of contact people to be the responsible people for getting news of the SLI's individual committees and groups to Jim so he is able to publish them. Send to:

The question was posed to the Silver Lake Newsletter this week by one of the new contact people if it would work for him to send Jim the copy of news and events and then "cc" it (or "bcc" it) to That would work fine, as would placing both email addresses in the main "To" line, separated by a comma. That also works. Utilizing both addresses will get maximum coverage throughout the Institute and also to residents and communities around the Lake.

"As an SLI resident, I look forward to the enhancement of communications that this new website will help in bringing to our SLI community," said Haven Ave. resident, Greg Franklin.

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