WHAT HAPPENED TO THE SILVER LAKE DAILY NEWSLETTER that was filled with daily news stories and used to attract hundreds of readers? Click on the ??? link for the story.
CURRENT CONTACT INFORMATION: 585-483-8435; Email: greg.franklin.perry.ny@gmail.com; Mail: G. Franklin, PO Box 19, Silver Lake NY 14549.



SLDN publishes News, events, concert dates, photos and weather

absolutely free for residents and visitors at this Western NY finger lake

--Silver Lake—just minutes west of Letchworth State Park where

the Grand Canyon of the East is located.


The SLDN coverage area is principally the various communities around the Lake—especially during the summer (open) season. During the winter (closed) season, there is automatically more coverage of the GLOW region which includes our neighboring counties of

Genesee, Livingston, Orleans, and Wyoming.



Our thanks to all who submit

pre-dates,1 . post-dates,2 . highlights,3 . or . family/work milestones.4


future scheduled events where the “who-what-why-when-where and how” are known.

2 events or recognitions that have already taken place; a recent past event.

3 something unique or worthy of special recognition; example: beyond ‘Annual Student Awards Ceremony’ such as in the case of a student or teacher death where money has been given for the establishment of a scholarship fund.

4 graduations/degrees, new job, engagement/wedding, birth/baptism, confirmation, illness, overcoming an obstacle/tragedy, new home/move, retirement/death.




The Rev. Greg Franklin, retired former pastor of First United Methodist

Church on Covington St. in Perry NY, comes to this project

from a rich background of print journalism, first as a

school age hobby; then on to a 10-year first career

for a chain of 5 newspapers at Leader Publishing Co.

while completing the equivalent of an Associate’s Degree

In Business Administration/Office Management/Speed Typing;

and a 9-month training opportunity at the Arizona Republic

which is a statewide daily paper published in Phoenix, AZ;

and then as a post-retirement hobby of 13 years still going,

and including 2010-2014: Very Successful Self-Employment

which he discontinued to put more time into a Silver Lake

Institute experiment with their first online presence

(June 2010-Feb. 2018) from which he retired to begin

a lake-wide newsletter covering a much broader area.

Greg has the heart of a pastor and the courage of an editor.

Contact Greg at (585) 483-8435 or by email: gfranklin.silverlake@gmail.com

or greg.franklin.perry.ny@gmail.com



Greg served as the Group Manager of the Officer Procurement Office at

Ft. Bragg’s Basic Combat Training grounds and as a part-time

organist/choir accompanist also at the BCT Center’s Chapel

from June 1968 through February 1969. Greg served

as a Specialist 4 in the 20th Combat Engineer Battalion,

(937th Group) in the Central Highlands of South Vietnam

(near Pleiku, RVN) from April 1, 1969 through March 31, 1970.

Greg received the Army Commendation Metal for outstanding

Service. In 1987, when he heard of the need, Rev. Franklin 

volunteered for the NYArmyNG and accepted a Commission 

as a First Lieutenant (1LT) Chaplain in the 3rd Brigade of the 

42nd Infantry Division where he served for 6 years traveling 

to the Armories of WNY as far east as Geneva and providing 

Chaplain services two days a month in addition to 9 full-time 

assignments from 1988 to 1995 at which time he retired into

The United States Army Inactive Reserve.



West Seneca Central: Regents Diploma in Bookkeeping;

............Regents Scholarship re: College Entrance............

* * * * *

Bryant & Stratton Business College:

 Equiv. A.A.S. in Business Administration/Office Management

 * * * * *

Houghton College / Buffalo Campus:

3 year Religion, Humanities incl. Greek, Creative Writing

* * * * *

Houghton College / Houghton Campus:


* * * * *

SUNY at Buffalo: Amherst Campus

Western Civilization; Music of the 30's & 40's

* * * * *


SUNY at Albany

Bachelor of Science in Humanities 1980

* * * * * 

. . . . . . . . COLGATE ROCHESTER DIVINITY CROZER SEMINARY . . . . . . . . . A Graduate School for M.S., MDiv., DMin.

Master of Divinity in Theology 1985


 Leader Publishing Co. / West Seneca Observer Inc. -  11 Years

United States Army (drafted for two years) - 2 Years + 4 Stand-By

Phoenix Newspapers / Arizona Republic - 9 months update training

Printing Prep Inc. - 6 months update training

Seneca Street U.M. Church July 1, 1978 to November 2009

NY Army National Guard 1988-1994

Officer Training School for Chaplains 1992 - 6 weeks


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