Saturday, October 5, 2019

SLI Trustee Board Approves a
No Increase Budget for 2020

Hoag's first floor meeting room was a chilly one, estimated to be in the low 40s, but the enthusiasm of both the Trustees and the residents (visitors) present was one of warm hearted compassion. This compassion was mixed with just the right amount of financial restraint to care for our grounds and programmatic responsibilities, and yet maintain the same tax rate as has been for the last number of years.

Grounds Committee Chair, Jill Knitter, toured the north and west ends of the Institute last month with other Trustees and a local arborvitae to examine the deteriorating condition and extent of the how they affect the health and safety of the community. The Ash Bore is rapidly destroying SLI's Ash trees. 

The Board approved an aggressive program of taking down diseased trees. Two will be removed this fall and more next year. The tree removal will continue to be prioritized by the level of danger to the surrounding community. Funds were approved for tree removal in the 2019 budget and the 2020 budget.

When Morgan-Stanley told the SLI Investment Committee that our funds would not be seeing our earnings reach the 8% level, the committee decided to consult with one of our SLI residents, Mr. Standish who works with large investments but who also indicated he would be interested in the SLI funds since he is so much a par
t of the SLI community and believes in its mission. 

The current fund will be divided between Mr. Standish who indicates that through his investments, we should be able to see a 10% return. The balance of the funds will be placed with the Buffalo Consolidated Foundation until such time as moving them would become a substantial improvement in return. The committee currently consists of SLI President, Kevin Colburn; Treasurer, Pete Mairs; and Vice President, Bill Schaefer. 

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Loren Penman, SLI Grant Writer, reported to the Board that we have now received our $20,000 grant for electrical work at Epworth Hall. SLI also received a desk approval for the $100,000 grand for roof replacement, venting, and drainage. NYS Grantors are still getting to know us and our unique mission, along with Chautauqua Institute, which involves education, entertainment, collaboration, spiritual life, and hands-on projects.

Julie Hoffner, Chair of the Program Committee's annual grant has been completed and will soon be dropped off at their offices within the week. The Program Committee's request is for $2700 and they are expected to receive closer to $2500. This grant needs to be approved and then will be rewarded to the Program Committee by the Wyoming County Council on the Arts early next year.

After two years of successful Mid-Winter Survivor events, Kris Schultz submitted a request for funds to assist the group with expenses in order to be able to keep the costs down for residents wishing to participate. This year the Survivors will sponsor two events--the first is Nov. 9th at 6:30 pm with donuts and sweet apple cider and given the title: "Fall Fun & Frolic." The second will be either a pizza party or a meal by Koinonia scheduled for February 1st, 4:30 pm. More information available right here in the Silver Lake Newsletter as it becomes available.

The official website for the Silver Lake Institute came online late Friday evening. The Survivors' "Fall Fun & Frolic" was the first event to be advertised on the new website. Jim Riley had many offers of help in getting the site established and populated by those things that Trustees feel need to be published on it. The new website received an approximate budget of $178 a year which will probably fluctuate upward somewhat. The new Handbook will be placed on the website as soon as the Board finishes with it.

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