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CURRENT CONTACT INFORMATION: 585-483-8435; Email: greg.franklin.perry.ny@gmail.com; Mail: G. Franklin, PO Box 19, Silver Lake NY 14549.

Annual Lake-wide Celebration of Life Memorial Service

 JULY 18, 2021

PLEASE NOTE -- All programming for 2021 is currently tentative based on surrounding conditions with regard to Covid-19 and the final decision of the SLI Trustees.

Once a year, the Spiritual Life Committee of the Silver Lake Institute hosts a Celebration of Life Memorial Service for loved ones and families of any residents of Silver Lake or any member of Silver Lake groups or businesses who have passed away during the previous 12 months. This year it is being hosted on July 18th at 10:30 am and includes all Lake families whom have had a loved one pass away through June 30th of 2021. 

Please send a copy of the obituary (or the name, date of passing) and a contact phone number and email address. Send it to Rev. Greg Franklin, POB 19, Silver Lake, NY 14549 or 585-493-4003 or SLDN@mail.com at your earliest convenience. You will then be contacted by committee member Joan Maddison concerning details and questions. 

The service includes the spoken name of the deceased being read, followed by the ringing of a melodic bell, followed by the lighting of an attractive electrified candle which the family receives as a gift. Family members or a friend have the option of saying a few words about the life, interests or hobbies of their loved one. 

The Celebration of Life Memorial Service is in place of the regular Worship Service for July 18th. The SLI Spiritual Life Committee has been urged to continue this service on behalf of the Lake-Wide community of Silver Lake.

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