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Saturday, February 1, 2020

Laura Dusel is 2020 Grand Prize Winner of Spoons; Joan Maddison
Won the Door Prize

Laura Dusel, wife of last year's Grand Prize Winner, Chuck Dusel, has won this year's Grand Prize for the Spoons game of 2020. This year's Door Prize was a cute, artificial, stuffed Ground Hog in honor of it being Ground Hog's Day tomorrow. 

The Door Prize was a homemade cookie in the shape and decoration as a hedgehog. She was heard to say that one of her grandchildren really likes hedgehogs, so this will be even more appreciated.

One great conversation was about making bread and flaky pie crusts as music of the 60's played in the background. Our most enthusiastic dancer, Sarah Clark, was unable to be with us for the gathering since she had to be at the bedside of her husband, Fay who has been undergoing tests for breathing difficulty since very early Tuesday morning at WCCH in Warsaw. No late word or diagnosis yet. 

Glynne and Kris Schultz are in Kentucky this weekend at the funeral of a good friend. They, too, were also unable to be with us for this third year of Mid-Winter Survivors. New resident, Peggy, who lives in the previously Gildner cottage began feeling ill yesterday and was unable to be with us today nor to the Shower that she was planning to be at after the Mid-Winter event.

Doug and Nancy Wilson were traveling up the funeral of the late Rev. Cal Babcock in Niagara Falls and were unable to be with us. Linda Pete, a Mid-Winter Committee member had a previous engagement from quite some time ago and unable to be with us today. 

With five SLI friends having to deal with life on their own, and not with us today, the attendance this afternoon was originally 22, then down to 17. The Asbury kitchen crew did a fab job of setting up and decorating our party area with a valentine's theme. The food, also and as usual, was excellent. Our sincere appreciation.

Since the committee was operating at half staff, we are also grateful to Chuck Dusel who was also helpful during the event. Thanks, Chuck! Robbie Frank did a special crayon drawing in red and presented it to committee member Frederick Schuknecht.

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