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Sunday, February 2, 2020

Ice Fishing has Returned to Silver Lake following a Warmer than Usual
Start to the Season

Both Saturday and Sunday Silver Lake showed off its great potential for successful fishing--particularly in the wintertime. Two tents were in place a little after 12 Noon today and yesterday that appeared to be there long before observed with their sleighs parked nearby. One was seen pulling his sleigh loaded with his tent and fishing gear to that ideal spot that he just knew would produce a good catch for the day.

"The Way We Were"...
(Telephoto taken on October 30, 2019, from Lakeview Avenue, partially over Heritage Walkway, through the decorative archway, including the hand railing and potted plant on the Big Blue Dock with Silver Lake in the extreme background.)

"The Boats 'Turned' into Tents"...

"Then the Ice Fishermen Came" ...

"And They brought their Gear"...

"The Catch was Mostly Small Fish;"
They said they kept warm; 
"actually, we were a little too warm."

"Then More Followed"...

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