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Sunday, October 27, 2019

Today is Last Day Open for
Charcoal Corral's 2019 Season

One of the factors that makes Silver Lake, NY, unique is that it has only two seasons--summer and winter, or in-season and off-season. Each organization and business has its own calendar as to when those seasons begin and end, and that may even vary from year to year. 

One of the longest and most popular seasons is the one that belongs to the Charcoal Corral. Its seasonal opening brings excitement and anticipation in late March, and a little "sad celebration" in  mid-to-late October. This year the "celebration" takes place today and, for some, has become an annual tradition they refuse to miss.

During the Silver Lake Season, folks travel from miles around to take advantage of a food and entertainment complex which appears to be in the middle of a Wyoming County corn field--at least on three of its four sides. It is located on Chapman Road, technically in the Town of Castile NY, but right off Route 39 south out of Perry, NY, its closest municipality.

Most of the faces you will see today will be happy and smiling faces because the existence of the Charcoal Corral is a good reason, in and of itself, to celebrate--wide ranging menus of delicious food with both informal and semi formal eating areas including pizza and an ice cream shop! Bounce houses for children, miniature golf, weekly concerts, classic car shows, and a double ("Twin") Drive-In Theater!

Monday: Mostly Sunny

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