Monday, March 23, 2020

Big, Fluffy Flakes fell off-and-on this morning resulting in a wintry coating

The ground had been completely cleared of snow by spring-like temperatures and it felt like winter had ended. This morning's large snow flakes, however, somewhat like a gentle giant--large in character but gentle in its fall with no wind to push it nor cause it to appear aggressive. It seemed to create an opportunity for sarcastic joke among friends who knew it could also be referred to as the "last gasp of winter." 

In the first 45 minutes of the new P.M., there is strong visual evidence of melting already visible. Even though the air temperature is at 33 degrees, the ground and roof temperatures must have been affected by the intensity of yesterday's sun. There is also quiet satisfaction that today's date is March 23, indicating that calendar-wise, winter is nearly out of time.

Here we go again . . . a few more large flakes are again falling. Some are huge with a visual diameter of nearly 3 inches. Even with the presence of a little breeze, their fall is nonthreatening, and definitely a conversation starter. 

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