Saturday, August 24, 2019

Author Ellen True tells a Story of Cottage Renovation, Memories for which Most Silver Lakers can Relate

Ellen is pictured above speaking to Silver Lakers in Hoag Gallery's first floor meeting room on Saturday morning, Aug. 24, 2019.
SOLD AS IS refers to their cottage on Canisius Lake which has been in the their family for several generations. It also serves as the title of her book. She only brought one copy so Doug Wilson took orders for those who wanted a copy and will let them know when they arrive.

Caught between memories and cold, hard construction and insulating needs, she describes the dilemma of not wanting to tear apart original structures in the cottage but knows that she must in order to have it work out as a year-round home. Her father is unable to visit while this heart-rending transition is in the midst of re-creation.

There were the lively stories such as the contractor's son who was climbing a ladder with a sledge hammer on his belt and the sledge hammer got loose, knocking out her new glass shower. There were also sad stories such as the wains coating that had to be removed in order to accomplish something more essential.

Beyond the stories, Ellen tells us that her real reasons for writing the book was to offer  a sense of empowerment--a you-can-do-it attitude. Her second point is to emphasize hanging on to your dream, as in not letting the goal get away from you. Keep it in the forefront of your thoughts and actions. In her case, the goal was the refurbished cottage and she accomplished it--after seven years!

Bringing Ellen to speak to us was an end-of-the-Season event cooperatively scheduled between the Program Committee of the Silver Lake Institute and the Wyoming County Council on the Arts in conjunction with the governor and legislature of the State of New York.

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