Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Ames Walkway is Ready for SLE Guests and will Keep You and Your Family
Safe from Wheeled Traffic

During the Silver Lake Experience (SLE), Asbury Camp & Retreat Center and the Silver Lake Institute, throw open their private camp grounds for the guests and families of the SLE. The Institute provides for your safety by your use of the pedestrian-only Ames Ave. Walkway (from July 1 through Labor Day).

The Institute is surrounded by Chapman (a Town of Castile road), and the north side of Camp Road is a Village of Perry road). Perry Ave. runs through the center of the Institute and along with Lakeside Ave., off to the south, are the only two other municipal roads belonging to the Town of Castile which are in or around the private roads and properties of the Institute. 

Originally SLI was a gated community requiring a paid entrance fee all the way up to circa 1950-54. The Chautauqua Institute, continues very successfully with its closed area tradition.

Avoid the competition with speeding traffic . . . Take the historic, mostly grassy, and soft wood chip walking path between Epworth Hall's front doors and the Tent in Bishop Burt Park. Across the street from the Park is Stoody Hall on Embury Ave. From Stoody Hall, take Park Ave. (one short block) to Wesley Ave. and its sidewalks which will take you directly to the Big Blue Dock on the Lake Shore with Hoag Gallery on Wesley to your right just steps before the Lake Shore and the beautiful Greenway of the Institute that runs the length of Lakeview Ave.

Our roads were created in the 1870s and 1880s for horse and carriage and foot traffic, which explains their historic narrowness. Parking is limited, so if you enjoy just a little bit of walking, take advantage of the historic Institute atmosphere by walking to these relatively close building locations from the main building, Epworth Hall.

You won't have to worry about sharing a winding Perry Ave. with speeding cars and motorcycles (and no sidewalks) if you take advantage of the historic Ames Ave. Walkway. Beginning just steps away from Epworth Hall's double front doors, Ames Walkway runs directly into Burt Park and the SLE Tent. The Park is the geographical center of the Silver Lake Institute and is where all the early activities first took place in 1873.

We hope you will enjoy your days here at the Lake, the Institute, Asbury, and SLE. Be sure to share your comments on the SLE Evaluation forms, and here in the Newsletter if you like or you are welcome to email our publisher,

Our thanks and appreciation to the Grounds Committee and Groundsman Dan Dake for filling in the holes made by tires during the winter months.

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