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Saturday, September 8, 2018

We Need Not Be Totally Alone,
Spend Time Looking Outward

A concert every Friday night sitting with friends and acquaintances, singing along, tapping their feet until last night--nothing. Residents' Breakfast every Saturday morning with friends and acquaintances, and meeting new residents until this morning--nothing. Gathering to Worship with warm friends and acquaintances every Sunday--until tomorrow morning. Loss of neighbors, empty cottages, many fewer cars, far less people on the grounds and at the Post Office. Perhaps by next Wednesday which is the usual day for the gathering of friends for the weekly dessert on the dock, we will have become accustomed to the emptiness of a lost pattern of activity.

Does this sadden or depress us? Initially, maybe yes, but then we need to see it all as what it should be--a new opportunity for taking initiatives such as inviting year-round people over, accepting invitations, checking the programs put on by the Arts Council, the Perry Band, the local churches. Looking to becoming involved in the planning committees that are always preparing for the next open season. Then there is the Mid-Winter Survivors' Party where year-rounders gather for fun, food, and good conversation. Because of last year's success, we will ask if folks would like a second one a few weeks later after the first one. Please feel free to provide any of your thoughts or advice in the Comment Section below or via email at RevGreg@SilverLakeConnection.com.

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