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Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Afternoon Sunshine, Clouds Alternate While the Winds Continue Strong;
Snow, 2-4 inches, for Friday

While the trees and loose objects do battle with the strong winds today, the winds were forecast to be ending around 8 pm, but continued on well past 10 pm. The latest forecast calls for snow flurries this afternoon and the sky has clouded over after an early afternoon of mostly sunshine. 

Some forecasts still display the mimes for rain, but even the late morning hours, around 11 am, brought frozen precipitation--those little round white frozen pellets. They bounced around on the ground, blew in several different directions in the air, but ultimately did not hang around. Later in the afternoon, they began to provide a slight coating on the ground and roofs.

The Institute experienced its first brief power outage early this afternoon. Since I was in siesta through it, I can't say how long it lasted or even if there was more than one, but I awoke to the computer being completely off, and other bells and whistles indicating that the household all needed to be reset. Later Wednesday afternoon, there were two more brief electrical outages. The Cable Service also was out, but for several hours, back in service for the evening.

AccuWeather reports that "Old Man Winter may dish out a heavy snowstorm in the northeastern US this weekend. Lingering Arctic air will set the stage for additional snowfall in the northeastern United States over the next five days, including the potential for a significant snowstorm during the first full weekend of April. Snowfall from before dawn Friday into Friday afternoon will total 2 to 4 inches."

Updated twice during the past hours.

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