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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Anyone Remember a Small Arch with Planters at the Park End of Ames Ave.?

As people came together for the first time following the winter of 2017 at the Institute's first Trustee meeting of the Season last Saturday, there was a happy spirit of comradery and friendship as we welcomed one another back. The subject of Ames Ave., having come up as an item of business, created the opportunity to talk about some various memories of the friendly walks down Ames Ave. 

One person shared with me her memory of an arch which apparently used to be at the Burt Park entrance to Ames Ave. This arch had two large planters on either side of it. I get particularly excited about things of which I have never heard of before, so I checked with Bob Murphy to see if he had a picture or a story about the arch. He knows nothing about it! Hence, the reason for my writing. Who else among our Institute people can recall this archway into Ames Ave.? Anyone have a photo we can electronically scan for our historical records? Please call or email: (585) 444-7384 or greg@silverlakenynews.blog.

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