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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Institute Residents Once Again Can Deduct $5 off SLE Daily Registration

Residents of the Silver Lake Institute who plan to attend the Silver Lake Experience 2017, will be able to deduct $5 off each day of their SLE registration (that's $15 for the 3 paid days). Most residents will be busy helping to keep the programming and logistics moving efficiently and effectively, so the $5 deduction is an acknowledgement of whatever part they played in the success of the upcoming SLE 2017.

While most of the annual franchise fee (occasionally called a tax) that SLI property owners pay goes toward maintenance of the grounds and its historical buildings, a very small percentage is contributed toward bringing the annual programs to the Institute and the community it serves. The Arts Council of Wyoming County, in conjunction with the NYS Legislature and NYS Governor, play a larger and even more essential role in helping us bring the many different types of programming to the Institute and its Lake Community, Perry-Castile Community, and the broader communities of the county and beyond.

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