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Monday, February 13, 2023

February 13, 2023:
Silver Lake Showing First Signs of Thaw

February is almost half over and it is apparent that the up and down trend of the weather's mild days changing quickly to windy and cold days seems to be continuing. It's difficult to say that anyone could get bored when each new day alternates so freely between sunshine and winter warmth verses cold winds and snow flurries. So far the variety in 2023 has been bountiful. This week has been forecast to be warmish until Friday when the wind and flurries return at least for a day or two. After touring each of the Institute's streets, I can report that our heaviest wind gusts have not damaged any of the SLI trees and we've received no reports of damage in the Lake's other tracts. Even so, we are anxious for Spring and the joy of the company that our snowbirds will bring as they return to their summer homes at Silver Lake.

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