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Sunday, August 14, 2022

Update Sunday 8-14-22:
Sunday News Briefs

Item 3 -- Entered as a comment in K. Schaefer's Facebook page --
Greg Franklin:
At Church this morning, received high praise on behalf of SLE for the excellent program and fine-tuned operation... one said she is already looking forward to the dates of the new SLE in two years! (Didn't have the heart to say we hadn't even voted to have another one yet!) I continue to promote and say that the SLE is a true renaissance for both SLI and Asbury. It is a quality operation with quality programming and so much of the credit is due Kathy, Sue, Bill, and Loren (not to mention so many hard and faithful workers). We owe you so much for your leadership!

Item 1 -- Fay Clark remains at the Erie County Medical Center (ECMC) in Buffalo but was able to leave his ICU cubical and is now recuperating in a regular room. It turned out to be "more serious than we suspected" and surgery was required. It appears that at least two ribs were broken in his fall one of which punctured a lung and another damaged his spleen. His COPD condition complicates his breathing and recovery. Their daughter is providing transportation for his wife, Sarah, who is also requesting prayers from their friends and community.

Item 2 -- Salmon Rushdie, a popular defender of free speech, was brutally attacked by a 24 year old with a knife on Friday evening. One of many stabs over Rushdie's body entered his throat. This was just minutes before his speech at the Chautauqua Institute's amphitheatre. Rushdie had been on a ventilator in an Erie PA Hospital and unable to talk, but he is now off the ventilator and able to speak. Medical experts are saying his condition is improving but it will be a long road to total recovery.

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