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Thursday, August 4, 2022

Thursday Morning Start:
Silver Lake Experience opened its 4th biennial event with introductions and flower presentations to 3 coordinators

Following the courtesy breakfast at the Epworth Café, participants signed in, received their name tags and their schedules for the day. Some are signed up for all three days, while others signed up only for their specific interests on one or two days.

From the registration table and breakfast, people awaited the opening ceremony in the center auditorium of Epworth Hall. The planning committee was called to the front one by one with their dark shirts and insignia and publicly thanked. 

Coordinator of Logistics, Bill Schaefer, called forward the three women who, most believe, make the Silver Lake Experience what it has become in the last nine years—Kathy Schaefer, the Rev. Sue Russell, and Loren Penman. Each received a large bouquet of flowers to rousing applause.

Registrants had previously picked from a list of 90 hands-on workshops, presentations, lectures, audio-visuals, art works and projects, personalized tour of Letchworth State Park, five separate boat tours of Silver Lake, tour of the Pioneer Cabin and campus along with a talk on the Legend of the Sea Serpent. Specials include:  

One hour of Mark Twain as popularly portrayed by Mike Randall of Channel 7 Buffalo fame. Others will join homeowner Barbara Aker as she gives a tour of her historic home in Warsaw, NY. The home was built in 1884 and was originally owned by the Humphrey family until 2013. The Elms is one of the premier “mansions” of an era long gone. Then from 4-5 pm, family pool swim at Asbury if desired. 

Everyone is on their own for dinner but tonight's dinner option at Asbury is slow roasted beef and gravy for $12. Lunch and breakfast are included in the registration fee. 

Along with all there is to do in this first of three days, there is dessert every evening at Epworth Café at 6:30 pm followed by the concert of the day at 7 pm. Tonight's desserts were presented by the Glenn Iris Inn and were absolutely delicious. Dessert was followed by "An Evening of Jazz" concert which "experienced" an exceptionally good attendance.

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