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Monday, August 22, 2022

SLI Trustees - An Unofficial Report:
September Meeting SLI News Briefs

  • Work begins on the replacement of the Epworth Hall floor on Sept.19. The September SLI Trustee Meeting will be held at Hoag.
  • A new Committee was established by the SLI Board for the purpose of applying for funds through Grant Writing.
  • The Playground Committee's approved plan to purchase Park equipment is on temporary hold due to higher than expected shipping costs. The Committee will now look at local companies or Amazon Prime which does not charge shipping.
  • The Communications Committee got approval to apply to the online payment company, PayPal to provide convenience for making contributions toward projects, donations, and paying taxes for those who prefer.
  • The question, "Is Hedding the only street without drainage down to Lakeview Ave.?" There is one aged grate which might give evidence of drainage but further investigation will be used to see if other grates are covered over with debris. 
  • The Trustees elected officers and three of the four were re-elected without hesitation. The position of Secretary was open. Peggy Phillips was nominated and elected.
  • The Grounds Committee reported that there are 10 trees that are dead and will be removed as the company is available to do so. Nine of ten will be paid for from this year's budget and one from next year's Tree Budge Amount.
  • The Program Committee reports that this year the attendance is up, the collections are up, satisfaction is up, but grant money is down due to the high number applying last year for grant money.
  • A property owner with land next to Institute property talked about a significant water drainage problem, but will now receive some time and effort by volunteers from SLI Trustees in working with the County and Town to get her problem solved. SLI Trustees have determined that, financially, the responsibility is not the SLI's but belongs to the County or Town. This was discussed during "Visitor's Time" on the SLI Trustee Agenda.
  • Next Meeting of the SLI Trustees is Sept. 17, 2022 at 10 am and will be held in Hoag Memorial Hall, 2 Wesley Ave. corner Lakeview Ave.

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