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Friday, August 19, 2022

SLI Residents Welcome at Saturday's Breakfast 8:30-9:45:
Tomorrow is the August 2022 meeting of SLI trustees at 10 am which follows Breakfast from 8:30 to about 9:45 am

A significant number of summer residents may have returned home by the third Saturday in September which will be the meeting after tomorrow's meeting, so if you want to catch a meeting before leaving, tomorrow's meeting at Epworth Hall is probably the one for you. The meeting is right after the residential breakfast at Stoody.

A number of updates will be shared with the community through committee reports and other announcements. For example, we await the partial funding of new Epworth roof, the removal of the old floor and refinishing of the original wood floor which is being fully funded, and continued work on the remaining windows as funds allow.

The capital funds campaign for Epworth continues for the roof and donations received at the Season's Closing Concert benefit the roof. There are also pledge forms available in the SLI office.

We expect to receive a very positive and encouraging report about this year's Silver Lake Experience and Program of Concerts at the Dock. 

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