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Monday, August 8, 2022

Second Story (Tuesday) from the owner of second home:
     Both stories can be found in the Daily News, online or paper.
Scottsville, Monroe County (Monday):
Pickup Goes Right Thru 1st Home, Hits & Stops at 2nd Home:
Monroe County but Just Had to headline this:
Dansville man charged with DWI after pickup truck goes right thru Scottsville home, hits neighboring home then stops

The pickup truck exited the home at 15 Rochester St. on this side and stopped after striking the house next door. 
As photographed & reported by Brian Quinn, [Batavia] Daily News

First Story - From the perspective of the First Responders.
Second Story - From the perspective and details of the owner of the second home where the driver stopped after striking it, causing what appears to be relatively minor damage to the siding.

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