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Monday, August 15, 2022

Monday 15-8-22:
Monday News Briefs

WARSAW MAN DEAD -- Duane R. Hamill, 66, was driving south on Route 19 in Le Roy Saturday afternoon when he suddenly swerved his '94 Ford F-150 into the opposite lane and struck a '15 Chevy Trax. State Troopers said Hamill's vehicle went off the road and overturned. Hamill was ejected and taken by ambulance to Strong Hospital where he was pronounced dead. The unidentified other driver was  taken to Strong with non-life-threatening injuries. The investigation is ongoing.

RUSHDIE UPDATE -- In the previous update we learned that one of the stab wounds was to the throat. We have just learned that another stab wound was to his liver and another to his eye. He is speaking a few words and his sense of humor has seemingly returned, although he is far from a total recovery.

ORLEANS COUNTY Sheriff's Office has reported today that a 21 year old Town of Murray driver was injured and a horse killed late Saturday night on Ridge Road. The Sheriff's Office said that the driver was "at an appropriate speed," when the horse came into the road and was struck. His '14 GMC Terrain was demolished and the driver initially trapped in his vehicle. The male driver suffered facial injuries and possibly other injuries, was taken by COVA ambulance/ALS to Strong. The horse's body was moved by Town of Murray Highway Dept. to 15956 Ridge Road where the owner/resident disposed of the 1,000 lb. animal. No tickets were issued and the investigation is complete. Also present at the scene were NYS Troopers, Murray and Kendall fire departments and COVA ambulance/ALS (Advanced Life Saving).

POLIO THREAT -- As of earlier today there is only one case of new polio in NYS, however, evidence of polio has been discovered in NY City waste water, indicating there may be many more unreported cases. Paralytic Polio is only avoided through vaccination of a wide span of ages.

Michael B. Salamone, 25, the Perry man who was arrested in March for throwing a puppy and arrested this month on child abuse charges for allegedly breaking an infant's femur bone, is now telling officers that on Sunday he grabbed the child's arm and "blacked out." He said he realized that he must have done something to the baby after," Grover said. A witness saw the baby's bruised arm and contacted CPS the next day. Salamone was arraigned in Village Court and committed to Wyoming County Jail with bail set at $50,000. He returns to court Sept. 13. Additional charges are pending but couldn't be discussed during the investigation.

Grover said additional charges are pending against Salamone but that he could not elaborate as investigators were working with District Attorney’s Office to determine what charges will be filed. The dog was not injured

In March, Salamone was charged with torturing/injuring an animal under state Agriculture and Markets Law after he was seen on home security cameras picking up a 10-month-old female puppy and throwing her. The dog was not injured. Grover said he believed that case was still pending in court.

A 10-week-old child was taken to Wyoming County Community Hospital by ambulance and after being evaluated was found to have a broken leg. The break was confirmed after the child was transferred to Oishei Children’s Hospital in Buffalo.

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