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Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Having Published the News this Past Saturday and Sunday:
Tuesday will be the day for personal business and catch-up for this one man

I really do try to keep to the relatively new Monday through Friday publishing schedule, but there are simply times when the rapidity of the news throughout the weekend gets to be overwhelming and to hold it back, in an effort to accomplish something else, is simply counterproductive. News Updates possible Tuesday evening but more likely on Wednesday.

In addition to catching up on personal business, the Silver Lake season quite often peaks right before the Season ends. With the Trustee meetings having moved to the third Saturday of the month, and with the Appreciation Dinner occurring on the same week with all the rest of the regular schedule, it is safe to say that last week was one of those peak weeks! And what a joy it was!

You will notice, above, that I have published the last two weeks of the official SLI season instead of one week at a time. Hopefully this will help in your planning as we approach the SLI End of Season, the month of September, and the Starting of School responsibilities.

Next week has some potential to also peak as I learn and fill in schedule information not yet available to the Newsletter. In addition, the Silver Lake Experience Planning Committee will come together to celebrate what seems to have turned out to be ... a banner season for the SLE. I can not and would not miss that!

SLE continues to provide a real renaissance for both the Silver Lake Institute and the Asbury Retreat Center, and ultimately to the benefit of all of Silver Lake and its surrounding communities, and County.

It has been a privilege and joy to be a part of it and look eagerly to writing more about it with input from my fellow workers.

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