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Friday, August 19, 2022

Friday 19 August 2022:
SLDN News Briefs

DELAY IN NEWS -- There will be a delay in the start of news coverage for today due to a "staffing shortage." Hopefully back in service by late afternoon and will be checking all news feeds.

SLE -- This year's Experience event is over and after a couple of weeks, the crew is finally feeling a little rested up. Many thanks for the very kind and very helpful evaluations submitted. They are being studied and each becoming part of the active file. September begins the Planning Committee's journey on the post 2022 evaluation, and the decision-making process for the potential future. Keep in mind that most of SLE is a volunteer operation and the committee is grateful for all who said "yes!"  (Unofficial Observations by SLDN Staff)

APPRECIATION DINNER -- This year's Appreciation Dinner for Volunteers presented Silent Hero awards following a delicious Asbury meal. More infor-mation and photos will be coming soon.

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