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Saturday, August 20, 2022

Communications and Playground were Previously Added:
A new committee has been established by SLI; another on the horizon possible

Historically, the Silver Lake Institute (SLI) was not known for its being a progressive place, especially back in its past existence as a religious camp ground and part of the early Chautauqua movement. Even just prior to 2016 we were keenly aware of our legal existence as an Extension Ministry of the United Methodist Church. But that was then, and this is now. 

Since our separation from the church and charter revision in State Supreme Court on Feb. 2, 2016, our new, independent, non-profit status has allowed the Institute and its leaders to dream and to ask the question, "In what ways could we become an even better community?"

This new excitement has been enhanced by a series of enthusiastic, new community members who have made the SLI their home in this recent era and already become eagerly active among us. They bring a plethora of ideas and energy to a group of aging leaders and workers, but only if you consider retirement and the 70s+ as "aging" ;-) .

These wonderful people demonstrated how both new and some old ideas can be successful when the time and conditions are ready for them. Our last two relatively new committees under the SLI Board are excellent examples of their official work.

The Communications Committee has produced a sharp looking and modern website for the Institute, but haven't stopped there. They continue to plan improvements and new convenience ideas that will make it even better. 

Today's SLI Board meeting heard some of these being shared in the committee report and immediately and unanimously adopted one of their ideas. We'll let them make their own announcements about this first, not letting "the cat out of the bag" now.

The Playground Committee services the beloved Bishop Burt Park. They, too, have many good ideas and plans for the Park that will improve and enhance the Park for both children and adults. Just this summer we received our newly completed Pickle Ball Court. And yes, the Basketball Court will be returning for jumpers, shooters, fast-breakers, and guards of all ages. 

One of the new committees established at this morning's SLI Board meeting was a new Grant-Writing Committee. We were reminded of how there is a bevy of grant funds available in today's world and why not at least try for them? We could wind up with some very productive ways in which to care for our historical buildings, our grounds, and waterfront. There are already four who volunteered to  help on the committee.

The second committee is not yet a committee at all but is being unofficially discussed among those interested in having conversations about the subject of Security at the Silver Lake Institute. This is one of those old ideas which may becoming ready for valuable use especially in today's world. 

This unofficial discussion has been brought about by conversations which initially start out with Salman Rushdie and his medical progress following the violent knife attack upon him about two weeks ago at the Chautauqua Institution where he was about to be their guest speaker.

Surprisingly enough, when asked, a Chautauqua Program spokesman said to the press that they didn't want the appearance of security to make people nervous or feel ill at ease, so they didn't plan any.

Although the SLE has no intention of taking on noted controversial and well-known international figures in their programming, they are reminded of that one disruptive individual at the 2019 SLE. The Logistics sub-committee did excellent work in controlling and ultimately eliminating the problem, non-violently, so that the majority of our guests remained relatively unaffected by his one-day presence.

Since the Logistics sub-committee or task force has its own work to keep them busy, it does make sense that SLI, SLE, and Asbury think about and discuss the need for some qualified folks to handle this type of incident without having to worry about having other valuable volunteers leaving their other responsibilities.

The vote for a 5th SLE in 2024 has not yet taken place. As a matter of fact the details and functions of this year's SLE are not yet completed by the SLE Planning Committee. Security will simply be one of many preparatory issues coming up this Fall.

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