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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Community Gathers for Prayer and Dessert:
Opening conversation and prayer was about the hospitalization of Fay Clark

The two people from the SLI community that faithfully appear at the weekly Dessert on the Dock gathering, were not so surprisingly absent at tonight's. The reason, according to Sarah Clark, is that Fay took a fall "but only about one foot," said Sarah. "but he wasn't the same by the time he got back up."

Sarah left this writer with the impression that even the short fall may have possibly knocked the wind out of him and his COPD may have prevented a quick recovery. Fay was taken to WCCH in Warsaw where he was released shortly after--still not his previous self.

Sarah knew he needed help that she was unable to give, so Fay went to ECMC in Buffalo where the doctor described his immediate need and encouraged the tests necessary to confirm his diagnosis and treatment. Sarah understood and agreed that he needed to remain at ECMC and have these tests. That is where it stands this evening (Wednesday).

Retired Chaplain Greg Franklin was called on to pray for Fay which he did, keeping Sarah and the entire community in the request for Fay's health and healing. Sarah's earlier request of Pastor Greg was to be sure he helped her spread the word about Fay so the prayers of everyone could be deployed on his behalf, and hers, too.

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