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Friday, August 5, 2022

And Then It Poured:
Under Threat of Rain for nearly a week the ‘Experience’ was blessed with sun until 45 minutes before dinner Friday

Have you ever heard thunder gently roll in surround sound for 20 minutes without taking a break during that time? No one can say we weren't adequately warned. Even the rain drops arrived in such a slow manner that most all who sought shelter within a reasonable amount of time, made it without getting wet!

At 3:30 pm, the air was the heaviest in humidity for the day. By 4:30 pm, a most refreshing breeze was prominent, but the sky remained cloud covered and quite dark for only 5 pm. There was plenty of room for registrant guests to keep dry between Epworth Hall and Koinonia Inn, not to mention the Manor, the Wilmott complex, Stoody Memorial Hall, Hoag Memorial Art Gallery, and even the tent that was put up as another optional place to eat.

Many came prepared with umbrellas and were able to move around freely.

With the Ice Cream Social followed by the RPO Marimba Band, this night, whether wet or dry, promises to be one of the great highlights of the 2022 Silver Lake Experience!

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