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Friday, August 12, 2022

A Six Piece Band in a One Man Show:
'Dave Turner Live' turns out to be a special treat to concert goers tonight

By G Franklin, gfranklin.silverlake@gmail.com

Dave Turner, a very personable guy, started out with a warm welcome followed by an explanation of how this one man band would almost magically become a six piece band. In a nutshell, he uses his feet on three or four wide and lengthy "looping pedals" to get the several affects such as bass guitar with rhythms, organ, and other bright sounding tones--no pre-recording's.

The next thing he does is play his prepared program which consists of three very familiar pop songs and then announces that's all he has prepared and it was up to us to shout out our favorite vocalists or bands. He offers us a book of 400 such songs of vast variety just in case we can't think of our favorite. No one seemed to need the book!

Ninety-six adults, six children, five dogs, and four boats enjoyed the concert from various locations on the Greenway, on Silver Lake, and on front porches in the immediate vicinity. The consensus seemed to be unanimous that we needed to get him back here again next year. His presentation is casual but engaging, and his music is captivating.

one more photo coming tomorrow

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