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Monday, August 22, 2022

$40,000 Historical Society Grant to Cover Cost:
Epworth floor removal and refinishing project scheduled to begin Sept. 19th

Since floor replacement first came up at Epworth Hall, it seems no one has made any public issue questioning the need for such a substantive project. This is due to the obvious wear and tear on the linoleum squares and the tape-type patches applied in an effort to keep people from tripping and falling.

Those days may now be numbered as the date for work to begin on the removal process has been set and it is hoped that there will be no complication to hold it up. The project will begin with the removal of most movable objects from the main floor. The contractor has agreed to move one or more pianos that are placed on adequate casters. The keyboard console is slated to be placed on the stage. 

On behalf of the musicians at SLI, Trustee J. Hoffner requested that tarps or other adequate covers be placed over the musical instruments before work is begun to prevent damage or even destruction in the case of the electronic keyboard console.

The plan of action calls for the asphalt tiles to be removed and disposed of in the prescribed legal manner. This would be followed by the removal of the sub-flooring down to the original wood floor which will then be refinished. 

Trustees are hoping to have a taker for the last old, dark wood piano remaining on the main floor. It was left until last because it worked the best of those previously remaining and held its tune well in spite of not being in perfect condition. Opinions differ on its quality and usability. Anyone interested in taking it should contact the SLI office at 585-237-6639 as soon as possible.

The September meeting of the Trustees will take place Sept. 17, 2022 at Hoag Memorial Hall, 2 Wesley Ave. corner Lakeview Ave.

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