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Monday, July 18, 2022

Police: Ayers also Punched a Second Female Victim:
Man knocked woman unconscious with plate, reports the Perry Police

A village man was charged Sunday after knocking a woman unconscious with a plate, Perry police said. Officers responded to a report that a male had “knocked out” a female, police said. They arrived to find the 53-year-old victim unconscious on the kitchen floor, but still breathing. After ambulance crews arrived, a short investigation was conducted.

The investigation found that Randall P. Ayers, 62, had knocked the woman unconscious, police said. He had also allegedly punched another female victim and put her in a headlock. Police said the incident occurred in front of a third person.

Ayers was charged with second-degree attempted assault, criminal obstruction of breathing, and endangering the Welfare of an incompetent person. Police said a bail amount of $20,000 was recommended but he was granted pre-trial release with no bail.

Ayers is to appear Aug. 2 in Village Court.

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