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Friday, July 22, 2022

One of the Boats Dropped Anchor for the Concert:
118 present at Trilogy concert tonight,  included 4 children, 5 dogs, 8 boats; memorable hits by Eric K, Guy M + 2

It was a hot day but the stiff breeze made it comfortable, Then, as one approached the Lake, the stiff warm breeze turned into a refreshing breeze off the Lake water. The sun was bright over a cloudless sky and the boats were out on the Lake. Trilogy Band members were setting up and greeting those who arrived early.

Eric announced that this would be a concert down memory lane and indeed it was--hits by The Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Eagles, The Monkeys, to name a few. One of my old favorites, "You Don't Know Me" was rendered in a memorably beautiful way. People took to the street and danced--both for the very few slow hits, and for the more prominent and upbeat lively ones! The sound was exceptional and matched the gorgeous evening. The audience groaned when Trilogy announced its last song, but not for long. Eric, Guy and the rest of the band provided an additional three hits as a well appreciated encore.

Those who stayed till after the concert were treated to one of the many beautiful Silver Lake sunsets.

Next Friday is the Blue Dock's Square Dancing. Whether you dance or sit to be entertained, we know you have a great time, starting at 7.

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