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Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Classmates Meet Every Five Years:
Attica Class of ’52 marks 70-yr. reunion; includes D. Lubba known Guest at SLI

The Rev. Gregory A. Franklin, gfranklin.silverlake@gmail.com -- D.Lubba at SLI

The Attica Class of 1952 members at Friday’s reunion included, from left to right; back row: Ivan Boss, George Sonricker, Alice Norton Sharping, Anna May Allanbranf, David Lubba, Paul Riber and Paul Murphy; front row: Sharon Gassman Potter, Ann Becker Schuessler, and Ester Glaus Miller. Missing from the picture is Art Wintecki.

Gathering at LB Browns in Batavia, 10 members of the Attica Class of 1952 met once again for their 70th anniversary reunion on Friday.

They were joined by their spouses and loved ones, and there were about 16 people total in attendance. The class last gathered in 2021 and had been getting together about every five years and then started meeting every year.

“We started with 62,” said Sharon Potter. “Now half the people are gone.”

The Attica Class of 1952 considers themselves very close. David Lubba said they’ve never stopped having class reunions and all have been keeping in contact.

“We enjoy meeting,” he said.

When asked how high school classes have changed over the last 70 years, they said they see the high schoolers of today as very impersonal and in the past there was more respect.

“The government is too involved in the curriculum,” Lubba added. “They don’t trust teachers to teach.”

The Rev. David Lubba, retired United Methodist Minister, has been one of the few guest speakers asked to return three times because "he always gave us a thought or illustration that stuck in our mind for weeks that wound up being helpful in our spiritual journey," said retired SLI Chaplain, the Rev. Greg Franklin. 

Rev. Lubba last spoke at SLI in the summer season of 2019 on the Stoody Hall front porch to an audience on the lawn before the covid19 pandemic struck.

Spiritual Life Committee member, Julia Hoffner, recounted on several occasions, Mr. Lubba's last great illustration about our similarity with trees. "The tree is, until the end of its life, solid as a rock--yet it is able to sway and be flexible when it counts. 

"Our own lives could be in such harmony with creation with the right attitude and commitment to all that Jesus has taught us for successful and vibrant living. We may be shoved and tripped by the winds of life, but we remain strong and yet flexible when our roots are deep in the gift of faith, given by the Holy Spirit."

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