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Monday, July 25, 2022

Sunday Service Closes Out Big SLI Weekend:
Celebration of Life service at Epworth Hall draws near 100 as 11 were named with just one more week in July 2022

One of the highest attended services that the SLI Spiritual Life Committee hosts is that of the annual Celebration of Life. It highlights and remembers those who have passed on in the last twelve months who have had a relationship with one or more of the Silver Lake communities either as a resident, family member, good friend, or as a regular visitor.

This year there were eleven persons named and recognized during the readings of names and bio’s and in the token presentations. Family members were given a red rose and a votive candle (electric). A bell was sounded at the reading of each name. One SLI family, the Mairs, had 24 members present.

Those remembered and honored were Scott Alexander Cunius (May 27, 2021), Samuel J. Secusa (July 15, 2021), Walter D. (Pete) Mairs (July 23, 2021), Martha Sue Burdick (August 4, 2021), Richard M. Eliasz (August 10, 2021), Clara Lorraine McMaster (August 11, 2021), Lois A. Kelly (August 13, 2021), Katherine F. Praczkajko (November 8, 2021), James G. Probst (November 9, 2021), Brenda Paddock (November 14, 2021), and Jeanne Barger (March 30, 2022).

The Rev. Larry Beman, Coordinator of the Spiritual Life Committee (SLC), offered the Welcome and Opening Prayer. The Meditation, “I Will Not Leave You” was given by the Rev. Tom Kraft (SLC). Suzanne Bristow served as the Reader of Names and Bio’s, and prepared the printed Program. Kathy Schaefer, co-chair of the Silver Lake Experience, served as presenter of the votive candles and roses. The Rev. Greg Franklin (SLC) was the bell ringer. The Rev. Jackie Rose Kraft (SLC) assisted in services rendered.

The weekend began with the Trilogy concert Friday evening where 118 came out to enjoy. Eight boats were present for at least several songs with one dropping anchor. The concert was open to all.

Saturday morning was primarily an event for residents of the Silver Lake Institute as folks came out to enjoy the company of neighbors and friends at a warm breakfast. This was followed by the annual Cottage Owners Meeting where four trustees were re-elected to 3-year terms. Plans were shared for the additions and improvements in Burt Park including the new Pickleball Court, replacement of one basketball hoop, and newly ordered 'toy' rides and kiddie-sized slide. The installation is planned for next Spring.

Saturday afternoon was reserved for the transition from Saturday morning's business meeting to a more heart-rendering service of Sunday morning. The Celebration of Life remains a very appreciated opportunity for the families and communities all around Silver Lake. 

The emphasis now turns to next week's Silver Lake Experience, August 4-6, Thursday through Saturday with bonus Service (10:30 am) and Concert on Sunday, August 7. The overlap of the Full Swing Band concert (2:30 to 3:30) with the Pioneer Picnic (beginning at Noon) will provide an interesting choice for Silver Lake, Perry, and Castile residents.

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