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Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Better Late than Never:
2022 Season opened July 1 but parked cars remained on Ames Ave. Walkway until mid-afternoon today, Wednesday

Many thanks to those who work to keep Ames Walkway in good shape for year round use and especially for its historical purpose of being the main walkway between Epworth Hall and Burt Park and on to Stoody Memorial Hall. 

UPDATE: A little over a week from this post, four parked cars blocked the south end of the Walkway. How will the car ruts get filled before the SLE if the parked cars are there?

Parking is permitted from the day after Labor Day through the 30th of June each year. It is returned to its original and continuing purpose of being a walkway from July 1 through Labor Day each summer season. It is important on years that we have many guests on the campus for the Silver Lake Experience (SLE) such as this year August 4-6 as we attempt to put our best foot forward. 

This (SLE) is one of our many service projects which help meet the requirements of our charter and our 501c3 non profit tax designation which helps keep our taxes much lower than they would be without the Institute and its work. Again, thanks to all who work so hard and sometimes long hours to keep this a nice place to live and have our families, friends, and visitors.

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