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Saturday, July 30, 2022

Advertising Didn't Fail. No one Signed Up for It:
The Stoody Breakfast that Wasn't

The thoughtful and generous hearts of the Silver Lake Institute's Communications Committee proclaimed on SilverLakeInstitute.org: "Saturday morning breakfast at Stoody Hall on July 30,  8:30 – [10:00] am. Join us!" in red print on a white background all the way up to at least 11:22 am on Saturday.

The lake-wide SilverLakeDailyNewsletter.com (Monday-Friday) provided the reminder: "SLI Resident Breakfast, 8:30 to 10:00. Stoody Memorial Hall across from Bishop Burt Park."

Both publish reminders for regularly scheduled events ... and did once again for today. But there was no Breakfast and people--especially the newer residents--wondered what happened. It's actually very simple.

The Breakfasts are done by volunteers and there was no volunteer(s) for today. We ran into a few SLI residents at the Bulk Food Store and were asked "How are we to know there is no volunteer for today when the publicity is out there [that there is]?" There's a schedule and the SLNewsletter will see if it's available for publication, so the community won't be caught short again.

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