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Monday, June 13, 2022

Welcome to New Hamline Resident--Diane Stephens:
Cheektowagan becomes year round S/L Institute Neighbor in Ames Walkway section in north view of Epworth Hall

To the neighbors, the cottage she bought was known as the brown cottage on Hamline that was getting the complete makeover all last building season of last year.  While the work was going on, she stayed in a cottage on Genesee St. in the southeast corner of the Park where she also kepthas all of her belongings.

Unfortunately, the worker hired to redo the brown cottage left more trouble than he fixed. Even the completely re-done roof will have to be re-done corectly. Her plan is to stay in the cottage while storing her belongings in the new garage being put up this week, approved by the Castile Zoning Inspector and the Silver Lake Trustees.

The "worker" has taken off for parts unknown leaving advanced leaking conditions and a lot of water damaged wood. Incomplete plumbing and dubious electrical lines and fixtures are just a few of the big concerns that keep her up at night.

Diane has met and talked with Steven and Sue Hunter whose backyard is a very short walk to her own. Today Diane met and talked with other close neighbors, Julie Hoffner and Greg Franklin. Fredrick Schuknecht, who served as Greg's driver for the day, also sat in on the introductory conversation. 

Diane looks forward to meeting other residents as the season progresses and the residents begin to come out to various community functions. Photos coming soon.

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