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Friday, June 24, 2022

New Yorkers have Good Reason to Feel Exhausted:
Much has happened in the last two days; polls say ‘30% of nation are celebrating; 60% are either crying or livid’

Report above designed to fit graphic, not for precise legal  terms. Note that the events in Wednesday June 22nd square actually took place yesterday (Thursday) and the House passed it today (Friday) which is the reason for the headline to refer to "the last two days." The calendar graphic is used to emphasize the impact of the amount of change which happened in so brief a period of time which is the reason for the sub-headline "Reason to Feel Exhausted."

This article attempts to be very briefly factual and should not be mistaken for representing the opinion(s) of the Silver Lake Newsletter or its Publisher. There are already ample opinions in the abundance of news and opinion media; we see no reason to add to it.

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