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Wednesday, June 1, 2022

More Inmate Violence:

Attica officer stabbed during inmate-on-inmate attack

ATTICA — A corrections officer was stabbed with a makeshift knife during a wild brawl in the mess hall Friday, union officials said.

Kenny Gold, western region vice president for state Corrections Officers and Police Benevolent Association said the officer was coming to the aid of an inmate who was being attacked by several other inmates.

Gold said an officer saw an inmate approach another inmate who was sitting at a table in the mess hall eating. He said the officer noticed the inmate “making slashing motions at the head and back of the inmate.”

The inmate stood up to defend himself as the attack continued, Gold said. Three other inmates joined in and two officers ordered them to stop. The inmates ignored the officers, Gold said.

More officers arrived and the three inmates who joined the fight fled and attempted to mix in with other inmates as the initial attacker kept trying to stab the inmate. An officer was stabbed in the left hand after OC spray was administered.

A six-and-a-half inch sharpened piece of metal was recovered and placed into evidence. The two inmates were taken to the infirmary. The one who was attacked had several cuts and punctures and was treated at an outside hospital, Gold said.

The injured officer was taken to a hospital for a puncture wound and “significant blood exposure” and did not return to duty, Gold said.

All five inmates involved in the fight were placed in Special Housing Units pending disciplinary charges.

“Last Monday at the State Capitol, Republican lawmakers called for the immediate repeal of HALT, recognizing the disastrous effect the legislation has had on our correctional facilities,” Gold said. “This latest attack wound up injuring an officer who was simply coming to the aid of an inmate who was being stabbed and slashed and he wound up stabbed himself. 

Whether it is our members being attacked by inmates, or inmate on inmate fights, this violence is only going to continue until the legislators, who supported this foolish legislation, wake up and address the violence. This isn’t going to stop, and likely it will only get worse.”

Gold reported two other inmate attacks in recent weeks.

On May 18 two officers were injured at Elmira Correctional Facility after being attacked by a convicted murderer.

On May 22, an inmate at Wende knocked into an officer, causing both to fall down stairs and onto a floor.

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