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Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Both Drivers in Le Roy crash sent to Strong with moderate injuries

Two people were taken to Strong Memorial Hospital, one via Mercy Flight, with moderate injuries after a collision on Lake Street Road near the intersection with North Road, a county Sheriff’s Office sergeant said Monday afternoon.

A woman was driving a Chevrolet Cruze north on Lake Street Road when the vehicle went into the southbound lane, leading to the incident, said Sgt. Mike Lute. Three other people in the van — the driver’s wife and two sons — were uninjured and signed off at the scene. The county Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to the scene at 1:27 p.m.

“She struck the driver’s side front (of the van) and spun the van over the guard rail,” Lute said at the scene. “I think they Mercy-Flighted her because she was unconscious, out of precaution. It would appear, preliminarily, that everyone’s probably going to be fine — nothing abundant of a severe injury. Her head and neck were jarred. She was breathing, but was just unconscious for a period of time, then she came to.”

There was entrapment in both vehicles, he said.

“They were able to extricate him and the other three passengers were able to get out after that as well,” Lute said. He said the drivers’ injuries were moderate. The sheriff’s Office will follow up with Strong Memorial as part of the investigation.

Lute said the woman, in her early 50s, was complaining of back, head and neck pain.

“They braced her, put her on a board, wanted to get Mercy Flight because she was unconscious,” he said.

The man, in his late 40s, driving the van was walking and talking. Lute said the driver had some teeth knocked out in the accident.

“They were still surveying the rest of him to see if there was anything else wrong, but, overall, more of a whiplash, jarring type of thing. He hit the steering wheel or something and knocked his teeth out,” Lute said.

In the van with the man were his wife and two sons, both 7 years old or younger.

There was a lot of debris on Lake Street Road to be cleaned up, but not much spilling of fluids from either vehicle, Lute said.

“They didn’t have any need to call Hazmat or anything like that — normal fluids that they soak up with Speedy Dry,” he said.

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