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Thursday, June 2, 2022

A Great Day for Eating Ice Cream Outside at Charcoal Corral:
A 'Rainy Day' Wednesday was Not, to spite the Forecaster; Clouds, Sun and Warm it was; Just 0.03 precipitation

UPDATE: One SLI resident reported to the S/L Newsletter that she witnessed a "downpour" in the neighborhood north of Epworth Hall for about three minutes late in the afternoon. That would have clearly deposited more than the 3/100 of an inch of rainfall recorded at the Weather Station at the south end of Silver Lake. (Different areas have often reported differing amounts.) Thank you for the submitted information!

These past two weeks have really felt like summer at Silver Lake and I couldn't be happier about it. In between the unusual warmth was delightful Spring weather. And you won't catch me compaining about cool nights--that's when I sleep the best!

I continue to have good days and bad days when it comes to pain and walking but this last month and a half has racked up more good days than bad. I was having a not so good day when the SLI Trustees met in May and I couldn't help but wonder what interesting things were talked about (News Releases are not the policy of the SLA or SLI--they prefer residents to always attend in person.)

I've been told the SLI Board Minustes are posted somewhere in or around the Wesley Ave. office, but I've also been told not to bother looking for them since they are not well situated for the handicapped. Both SLA and SLI do quite well disseminating information through their Facebook pages, in case you're interested.

SLI's Annual Meeting is still in July but no longer on the second Saturday of July. Watch for the details which hopefully will be publicly released. When I know it, I will be very sure to post it as quickly as I can for you. If anyone would like to sit in on a meeting or two and take a few notes, I sure could use a hand!

I'm looking forward to the coming days and weeks as more and more of our friends and neighbors make their way over to Silver Lake, NY, and all the fun people and events here!

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