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Saturday, May 14, 2022

Updated 6 times including CNN at 9:36 am Sunday Morning:

Shooter Traveled Hours from his home in Conklin:
Thirteen Shot, 2 White, Ten of whom Succumbed in Mass Shooting at Tops’ Jefferson Market; shooter in custody 

The Buffalo Police Department has confirmed a mass shooting at Tops Market on Jefferson Avenue Saturday afternoon at 2:30. Buffalo, in Erie County, is Wyoming County's immediate neighbor to the west.

P.S. Gendron
The shooter has been identified as "white supremacist" Payton S. Gendron, an 18 year old white male from the Town of Conklin in Broom County. He was heavily armed and in tactical gear, but is now in custody. Gendron has already been arraigned in court and charged with first degree murder with other charges pending, according to the District Attorney. The shooter traveled the three-plus hour drive from his home in Broom County, east of Binghamton, to allegedly target this particular store in this particular primarily Black and close-knit neighborhood of Buffalo.

Police confirmed that 13 people have been shot and 10 are deceased. Of the 10, 4 were killed in the parking lot before the shooter entered the supermarket. Of those shot, 11 were Black and 2 were white. Four were store employees. The weapon was legally acquired but the modifications were not.

A retired Buffalo Police Officer was working security inside the store and was the first to be shot and killed inside the store just prior to the last moments of the shooter's assault weapon rampage. The security guard got a clean shot off at the shooter but the shooter's body armor deflected the round.

The shooter has allegedly written a white manefesto, giving this crime a racial component. Police are asking people to avoid the area around Jefferson and Landon.

Erie County Sheriff's Office ordered all available resources and personnel to assist. An emotional 
Press Conference took place in the late afternoon expressing extreme sorrow but also including tempered anger and determination. The press conference closed with prayers from the Fire Dept. Chaplain, a local and beloved Roman Catholic Priest, and the Buffalo Common Council President who is also a Bishop in a large, well known Buffalo church.

From CNN cable news channel:
Purported manifesto talks about 'dwindling size' of White population
Investigators were reviewing Saturday a 180-page purported manifesto that was posted online in connection with the shooting probe, two federal law enforcement sources told CNN.
The manifesto, independently obtained by CNN shortly after the attack and before authorities released the suspect's name, is allegedly written by a person claiming to be Payton Gendron confessing to the attack.
The manifesto's author says he bought ammo for some time but didn't get serious about planning the attack until January. The author also goes on about his perceptions of the dwindling size of the White population and claims of ethnic and cultural replacement of Whites.
A portion of the document is written in question-and-answer form.
The manifesto's author attributes the internet for most of his beliefs and describes himself as a fascist, a White supremacist and an anti-Semite.

This concludes our coverage of this
very tragic and sorrowful event.

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