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Monday, May 16, 2022

Get Acquainted with New Perry:
PMSA holds Spring Meeting & Social

The Perry Main Street Association welcomed the Perry community to its Spring Meeting & Social on Wednesday, May 4th beginning at 7 pm. It was held at the Masonic Temple on N. Main St. in the Village.

The PMSA has been an active and instrumental part in the revitalization of our main street and our village. Their volunteer and enthusiastic zeal for rebuilding the business and social community of the Village can be seen in so many of the new businesses in our downtown area.

They have been working hard since their inception in 2005-06 with the blessing and involvement of the then-new mayor of the Village who brought his architectural firm to the area as one of the first new businesses along with "the bookstore" across the street from the Florist--both on Main cornering on Borden.

You may see an occasional empty store on Main, but the new trend is that it probably won't remain that way for long. Rather, a new business adventure may soon be on its way. Many of these businesses suffered through the long, hard days of Covid-19 and have now come through it as one of many staples in our community.

Spend some time this summer walking the new Main Street and shopping the great little shops of the village--and don't miss the businesses on the side streets such as Borden Ave., Lake Ave., Covinton St., and Short Street. Travel a few streets farther out and visit some other fine restaurants and business districts. Visit the spray pool in the Village park before wrapping up your day.

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