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Friday, April 22, 2022

Plan will Not Effect Arcade, Attica, Java, Silver Lake Institute:
Wyoming County Waste Management program moving to garbage totes to
offer greater convenience for residents

Wyoming County Waste Management began the distribution this month of 23,000 96-gallon garbage and recycling carts to residences in its solid waste collection program.

The cart distribution will continue throughout the duration of the month and due to the conversion to a cart-based collection system. Residents are encouraged to justify using their carts as soon as they get them.

“In 2020, Wyoming County issued an RFP (request for proposals) for curbside solid waste collection and, after an exhaustive process, the decision was made to implement a cart-based solution for efficiency, sustainability, and cost effectiveness,” said Senior Planner James Bragg of the Wyoming County Building Department. “At the time of contract award, it was agreed upon for this spring to be the time period for the transition.”

All residents who are eligible under the county contract for curbside collection services will receive — or have already received — a cart for trash and a cart for recycling.

There is no further action required by the resident. Those residents whom are not currently eligible, may contact Waste Management and enroll in the program to receive their carts before the changeover, slated for next month.

“The 2022 rate for this service is $263.49 per year-round unit,” Bragg said. “By contract, the rate adjusts annually upward or downward based on change in Consumer Price Index. The cost for the change in this program is included in the contracted rate. The county chose to pursue the cart-based collection option due to the cost savings this method provides.”

Beginning May 2, the county will no longer accept garbage or recycling that isn’t placed in the designated carts. On that date, the automated curbside collection program will be implemented.

If a household’s garbage exceeds the cart’s limit, 30-gallon bags can be purchased with an affixed sticker, sold for $5, and then those bags can be placed curbside as well.

“Wyoming County is dedicated to ensuring residents have cost-effective and reliable services,” Bragg said, who listed a multitude of reasons the change in garbage/recycling collection is beneficial to our communities.

“The two curbside proposals reflected this goal of providing cost-effective and reliable garbage and recycling collection,” he said. “This program will help provide cleaner, safer, efficient, and better service to residents. This program helps keep the cost of garbage collection relatively low and stable.


Advantages include:

■ Easier to use: Carts offer the added convenience of wheels and lids.

■ More capacity: Instead of several smaller bins and bags, residents will have just one cart ready to roll to the curb each week.

■ Require less storage space: You can reduce your storage footprint for your waste by consolidating smaller bins, boxes, and containers into the larger carts.

■ Safer and more predictable service: As well as being great for residents, the automated system is safer and less strenuous for the collection workers and helps fight the transmission of pathogens.

■ Carts mean no more bending over to lift and carry different boxes, bins, and bags to the curb.

■ With large wheels, a broader wheelbase, and handles, all residents, including seniors and those with accessibility requirements, should find it safer, easier, and more stable to roll carts to and from the curb.

“Change inherently results in the disruption of routines,” Bragg said. “It’s understood there will be a ‘learning curve’ in adapting to this change. We appreciate residents’ patience and understanding as we make this conversion to an automated cart collection system. This new cart-based automated collection system will result in a cleaner, safer, efficient, and better service to residents.”

Participating towns and villages include Perry, Gainesville, Silver Springs, Castile, Bennington, Orangeville, Sheldon, Covington, Wyoming, Middlebury, Warsaw, Genesee Falls, Pike, Eagle and Wethersfield.

Arcade, Attica, Java and Silver Lake Institute are not part of the Wyoming County/Waste Management Solid Waste Collection program. The garbage cart will have a green lid and the recycling cart will have a yellow cover with general recycling information on it.

“WM can provide residents with a ‘how to’ guide on what is recyclable and how to recycle correctly,” Bragg said. “They may be reached at either their website wm.com or 1 (800) 972-4545. Locally, the GLOW Region Solid Waste Management Committee can guide residents on recycling, composting, and how to dispose of electronics and household hazardous waste. GLOW is dedicated to reducing garbage sent to landfills, reusing materials for their original purpose, and recycling materials.”

For more information, call Wyoming County Planning at (585) 786-5135 or email garbage@wyomingco.net. For more information about recycling, call GLOW Recycling Administrator Peggy Grayson, at (585) 815-7906 or visit wm.com/recycleright.

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