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Friday, April 1, 2022

GLOW NEWS - Genesee County;
No grand jury presentation scheduled in double-homicide; District Attorney says Attorneys discussing possible resolution

Cruz and Wilson
The case against two men accused of stabbing two migrant workers to death at an Alexander farm last month has yet to be scheduled for a grand jury presentation.

District Attorney Kevin Finnell said the reason is two-fold: The investigation into the homicides is continuing and he and the attorneys for the accused are talking about a possible resolution.

“But that’s a long way away still,” Finnell said.

Prince N.K. Wilson, 23, of Albion and Raul S. Cruz, 18, formerly of Albion and now of Warsaw, were arrested and charged with second-degree murder for the March 11 stabbing deaths of two men.

Elibander Morales, aka Ivan Cruz, 30, and Marceleno Gomez-Hernandez, 29, were both pronounced dead at the scene in a bunkhouse at Blumer Dairy Farm on Route 98.

Investigators have continually been working on the case and have released little information.

Frederick Rarick, who represents Cruz, said, he, too, has not been given many details about the case, other than Cruz and Wilson “went to the farm to have beers with a friend and ended up with two counts of murder.”

Rarick said he always reached out to prosecutors for possible resolutions to cases and agreed with Finnell that any resolution would come after the investigation is complete and he can talk to his client.

Cruz and Wilson, who is being represented by Public Defender Jerry Ader, remain in jail.

Family and friends of the deceased have established gofundme accounts to pay for burial costs and any other financial hardships.

So far, nearly $2,000 out of a $5,000 goal has been raised for Gomez-Hernandez. Nearly $4,000 was raised for Ivan Cruz in a now-closed fundraiser.

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