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Monday, April 18, 2022

‘Folk O' The Road’ Dulcimer Band in for ‘Genesee Rising’ for SLI's July 15
Blue Dock Concert at 7 pm

Last year's closing concert for the Silver Lake Institute was headlined by the seven member vocal and instrumental group known as Genesee Rising. However the Epworth Stage appeared surprisingly bare as only two members of the eight Genesee Rising group were present.

Since Genesee Rising specialized in a wide variety of vocal presentations, the two remaining vocalists were left with quite a challenging opportunity which they performed quite nicely. Nicely enough to be invited back with the understanding that the Program Committee was inviting Genesee Rising back as the full band in order to experience the fullness of its talent.

As 2022 progressed, it became apparent to the management of Genesee Rising that the band as it was once known was no longer possible to draw together to rehearse and perform. They were gracious enough to inform the SLI Program Committee in enough time to schedule a replacement. 

Folk O' the Road has been with us before and enjoyed by all. They will join us on July 15th on the Big Blue Dock for their latest concert.

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