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Monday, April 25, 2022

First 2022 meeting of the SLI Trustees was Saturday; bylaws changed to put monthly meetings on 3rd Saturdays

We had hoped to give you a run down of those things which took place between the last full meeting of October 2021 and this weeend's first full meeting of 2022 for the SLI Trustees who met in the Institute garage. Unfortunately, we did not have a volunteer reporter available for the meeting, and as of this writing, we have not received any news releases from the Trustees or its Communications Committee during the business hours of Monday.

While the first Spring meeting of the Trustees is notoriously underwhelming, there are those times when the winter report is very interesting such as excessive snow events and how they eventually get handled or in a year of frozen water pipes positioned too close to the surface of the ground to be protected below the frost line.

Always interesting is the report of cottages which come up for sale, friends who sell them, and new friends who purchase them. Because of the uniqueness of the community, we are always eager to incorporate new friends into the community and being aware of their names and locations helps us all begin the process of warm integration and friendly, informal invitations.

We urge you to consider being an informal reporter of interesting topics covered at SLI Board meetings so the Newsletter is better able to keep your friends and neighbors informed.

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