Tuesday, April 19, 2022

No Flickering and No Warning:
Two-Hour Power Loss Hits 324 NYSEG customers including the eastern shore of Silver Lake, SLI

Tuesday evening has been a cold, snowy evening--a perfect time to wrap up in a blanket, cuddle with your chosen one, and perhaps a cup of hot chocolate.

Instead, at 8:57 pm, an electrical power loss sent several hundred Silver Lake area persons into instant blackness without even the warning of a flicker or two. Hence, the scramble for flashlights, candles, kerosene lamps and some with battery-powered radios and other entertainment mediums.

One hour into the blackout, NYSEG announced the start of their investigation and estimated the power's return to be at 12:45 am, an interesting feat, considering the investigation had not even begun.

One Silver Lake family, in their search for alternate lighting systems, found an article detailing a very similar power loss almost two years ago to the day and another just one year ago. That first one was caused by an automobile accident, the second by a pickup truck--no word yet on the cause of tonight's.

Power was restored without a flicker, just instant light and sound. SLDN continues to search both NYSEG contacts and others for the cause of this unexpected interruption.

UPDATE -- At 1:12 am, NYSEG announced that all power had been restored and that the reason for the power loss is: "we are still investigating." That's interesting. They fixed the problem but are unable to tell us what they fixed.

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