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Monday, March 28, 2022

Perry Club Members Collecting Donations and by Mail:
Perry Rotary seeks to promote Ukrainian humanitarian aid

The Perry Rotary has a reputation for serving others, whether in Wyoming County or across the globe. Once again, the club members have answered the call for help.

Perry Rotary members will donate $2,000 from the Perry Rotary Foundation Inc. to support humanitarian efforts in Ukraine and neighboring countries overwhelmed by refugees from the war-torn country.

Community members can add to Perry Rotary’s contribution by donating to the Perry Rotary Foundation Inc., targeted for Ukraine relief. Donations, earmarked for Ukraine Aid, must be received by April 18.

Donations from individual Rotary members and the community will be combined with the Club’s donation and sent to the International Rotary Foundation’s Disaster Response Fund. Donations will be used to meet basic needs—water, food, shelter, medicine and clothing—in Ukraine and neighboring countries that have welcomed refugees.

The International Rotary Foundation is also working with partners such as the United Nations High Commission on Refugees-USA and ShelterBox. That charity collaborates with Rotary members in Eastern Europe to support the need for temporary housing and essential supplies.

Send donations to: Perry Rotary Foundation Inc., P.O. Box 339, Perry, NY 14530.

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