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Thursday, March 31, 2022

Dialysis Center, Paving Machine and Water Meters Earn Praise:
Wyoming County awarded $82,172 in state shared services funds to improve efficiency

A total of $82,172 in state matching funds has been awarded to Wyoming County for its shared services efforts.

The funding is through the state’s County-Wide Shared Services Initiative. It’s being allocated to the county and its partner municipalities for three shared services projects stretching back to 2019.

“We are continuously working with local governments across the state to achieve government efficiencies to better serve the public and achieve taxpayer savings,” said Secretary of State Robert J. Rodriguez in a news release. “The County-Wide Shared Services Initiative is one of the key programs that motivates localities like Wyoming County to improve services for county residents and save money for many years.”

The funding includes:

■ A total of $25,866 was granted for the dialysis clinic that opened March 10 in Mount Morris.

The Livingston County Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation partnered with the Wyoming County Community Health System for the project that brought a dialysis center to 11 Murray Hill Drive. The facility can treat six patients at once, whether from the nursing and rehab facility or surrounding region.

That means people don’t need to drive to Buffalo or Rochester for dialysis services.

■ The state awarded $22,337 for a joint paving machine purchase involving Wyoming County, the towns of Castile and Perry, and the Village of Perry.

■ A total of $33,969 was awarded for a water meter replacement project through the Wyoming County Water Resource Agency.

The initiative bought new meters with electronic reading capabilities. The measure allowed cost savings in Bennington, Covington, Eagle, Java, Perry, Pike, Warsaw and Silver Springs.

“As part of Wyoming County’s continuing effort to provide the best quality of services in the most efficient, fiscally sound manner we have implemented three successful shared services projects,” said Chairwoman Rebecca Ryan of the county’s Board of Supervisors in the news release. “ ... Wyoming County is appreciative of the recognition and NYS CWSSI Award.”

State Sen. Patrick Gallivan, R-Elma, and Assemblyman David DiPietro, R-East Aurora, also praised the program.

“The County-Wide Shared Services Initiative recognizes local governments who have collaborated to identify efficiencies and, most importantly, save taxpayers’ money,” Gallivan said. “By working with its municipalities and other governments, Wyoming County has effectively saved thousands of dollars while maintaining important services for residents I am pleased to see the state support of this unique program and encourage other local governments to follow Wyoming County’s lead.”

“For once, we have an example of a government program that is working to help ease the crushing tax burden on our rural communities and municipalities,” DiPietro said. “This money is going to go a long way to help improve the infrastructure and everyday lives of people in Wyoming County. I am looking forward to seeing this program in action.”

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